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Head of Adwords at Sussex Web Marketing. At Sussex Web Marketing we have been running Google Adword campaigns for 6 years. Striving to help each client achieve the maximum possible return on investment for their advertising spend. We can work with you to help you identiufy your goals and objectives and feed into your marketing strategy. In fact, your marketing strategy is so importnat to the sucess of your Google Adwords advertising that we will help you develop one if you haven't already. In addition to Google Adwords we have a comprehensive knowldge of organic search engine optimisation. Basically that means that we know how to help you get higher up the free Google search engine results page. With this knowledge we are happy to give you an overview of how well your website is optimised for Google. We will gibe you 5 top tips on how you can improve your website optimisation. ALL FOR NOTHING! Just send me an email and we will compile the basic report for you with your 5 top tips -specific for your website. Of course, if you have a well designed and optimised web site then we may not be able to find fiv top tips for you and we will congratulate you on well optimised site! Look forward to hearing from you! Gareth Sear

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